Woof IoT for Business

Optimal solution for rental, shareable, or vehicle-controlled businesses.

Woof IoT for Business
Endless possibilities to meet your business needs!

Rent or share. You decide how you use Woof. Convert your vehicles and monitor, control, and secure them remotely.
Simple solutions for your rental business. Stay in control of your rented scooters by tracking rides and viewing locations, fuel/battery levels, speed, and more.
Shareable with QR Codes
Woof IoT can be configured and connected to the M4M Private Fleet Platform, allowing you to operate shareable fleets based on QR codes and sophisticated rental pricing and geo zones.
Geo Location control
Woof IoT can be installed on various rental vehicles (scooters, mopeds, cars, jet skis, mobile homes, etc). Owners can get detailed reports on the location and routes. Detailed personalization is available to customize reports to meet local traffic regulations or to submit documents to contest traffic violation tickets for the rental vehicles.
Ready to use platform for rental / shareable fleet business
New startups on the rental and shareable vehicle business are growing at an astonishing rate.
With Woof, you can add to, or start, your own fleet of vehicles, and it doesn't have to be a fleet of hundreds or thousand of vehicles. You can start small and grow at your own pace.

We have different solutions depending on your needs, rental fleet, shareable fleet, or both.

Please contact us to schedule a call so we can evaluate your needs and assist you with a solution.

With Woof IoT, your vehicles will seamlessly communicate with the Woof control platform, allowing you to monitor and control with 24/7 connectivity across your mobility ecosystem.
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