Woof IoT- Protect and Control Your Kick Scooter Remotely with Woof

Woof is a combination of an Internet of Things (IoT) device, and an online App/Platform that enables you to secure, monitor and control your electric vehicle over the internet with a phone, a laptop or tablet.

Woof IoT Features

Make your machine smarter and safer.
Mobile Function
Control your scooter using your computer, tablet, or mobile device.
Smart Security
Rest secured that your Scooter is locked even if someone removes Woof from it.

Easy to use. Simple to Enjoy. Worldwide

IOS and Android Friendly Application
Simple and Smart - How it works
Get going with Woof with a simple 3-step process.
Plug-And-Play Installation
Woof IoT can be installed without soldering. Just open your scooter, connect according to the instructions, and you are set.
Create and Configure Account
Go to WoofIot.io, open an account, and register your woof device(s).
Ride with Full Control
That's it! Start using Woof and riding your electric vehicle.

Service Plans Made for Your Needs

Ideal to start
  • 5 days ride history
  • Standard map
  • Basic commands
Great for fun
  • 2 weeks ride history
  • Standard map
  • Control commands
  • Basic alerts
  • Remote speed control (limited)
  • Geo zones (basic)
  • Bluetooth commands
More control more fun
  • 3 weeks ride history
  • Premium maps (dual)
  • Premium reporting
  • Control commands
  • Premium alerts
  • Remote speed control
  • Geo zones
  • Bluetooth commands
Ready for Rental and Sharing
  • Unlimited number of scooters
  • QR Code ready (optional)
  • Payment processing (optional)
  • 4 weeks ride history
  • Standard map
  • Full control commands
  • Full alerts
  • Remote speed control
  • Rental geo fensing
  • Bluetooth commands
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