Woof! Get Real-Time Updates on Your Deliveries!

Track your deliveries in real time and get notified of updates. Streamline your delivery process with our user-friendly tracking system.

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Product features

What tasks does the product solve

Location tracking

Track the location of your shipments in real time with our user-friendly tracker. Get real-time updates and easily track multiple deliveries at once.

Cargo safety

Track your shipments and ensure their safety with real-time monitoring and alerts. Manage multiple shipments easily with our user-friendly interface.

Temperature monitoring

Monitor the temperature of your shipments in real time with our tracker. Ideal for shipping temperature-sensitive items.

Humidity monitoring

Monitor the humidity levels of your shipments in real time with our tracker. Protect against damage caused by excess humidity.

Product features


Temperature ranges from -40°С to +60°С

Life time

100+ days battery life


Work from 2G to 4G


Compact dimensions


Sending allerts via web or SMS


Road, sea, air, railway


01 / Luxury goods

02 / Food & beverages

03 / Medicine

04 / Perishables

Client stories

The stories of our clients about what tasks Woof trackers solve

Tracker packages​

Detailed specifications

Condition Sensors

Temperature, Light, Humidity, Shock

Supported Modes

Road, Air, Ocean, Rail

Temperature Ranges

-40°C to +60°C

Location Technology

Cellular, WiFi, GPS

Global Coverage

95% With 400+ Networks

Shock Sensitivity


Air Carriers

Safe to travel by air


Unlimited use

Location Accuracy


Measure Frequency

2+ min

Temperature Accuracy


Water Resistance


Small but powerful

96mm x 56mm x 21 mm

Battery Life

100+ days


2G to 4G With 2G Fallback

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